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This page answers the questions we receive most. If you have further questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@opacapp.net!


Frequent user questions:

Frequent library questions (community edition):

Frequent library questions (plus edition):

User questions

Why is library XY not supported?

While it is easy to add a bunch of libraries using the same computer system (which is why our list of libraries is growing very fast), it is rather hard to add a library using a different computer system that we do not yet support.

If your library is not in our list, this can be for two reasons:

  1. The libraries uses an unsupported computer system. Although the chances are rather low in this case, you should ask us whether we could support the library.
  2. You’re the first one asking for it, so just head to the contact form below the list of libraries and ask us.

My library uses ‘OPAC’, can you support it?

Sadly, OPAC is just short for Online Public Access Catalogue and is the name of a whole category of software. We only support a limited list of software products. You can take a look at the Compatibility list, or you can just use the form below the list of libraries to ask us.

Why can’t I use barcode scanner XY?

As the Web Opac App itself does not implement barcode scanning, it requires a third-party barcode scanner app to search by ISBN. We aim to support as many barcode scanner apps as possible, but we can only support those that expose a public interface we can utilize. The following are known to work:

The apps by Scan Inc., „ScanLife“ by Scanbuy and „NeoReader“ by NeoMedia are known not to be supported.

Your favourite scanner app is not in the list? Contact us at info@opacapp.net and we’ll check what’s possible.

Why can’t I add libraries on my own?

While the adding of new libraries is not hard, there is still some technical configuration to be adjusted. This would not only look irritating in the app’s user interface, but also make it very hard to track down errors. We believe it would do more harm than help, so we do not provide this possibility.

However, if you have some programming experience, you can add a new library and send us a patch or pull request!

Is my data being transmitted over an encrypted connection?

This answer depends on the library. The rule of thumb is that the encryption level is exactly the same as when you access your library’s website with your phone’s web browser.

Starting with version 2.0.32, the app displays a yellow warning when creating or changing an account for a library that does not support encrypted connections.

Library questions (community edition)

What information is necessary to add us to the list?

It depends on the library system you use. For some we do not need anything apart from your catalogue address, but for others (BiBer, Bibliotheca), we’ll need an user account with at least one lent item to test some adjustments.

How long does it take for us to appear in the list?

As this currently requires an update for all users of the app, we currently have a rhythm of roughly two weeks.

Why are we included in the list without having asked for it?

As this project started as a community project, we still accept suggestions from the community and include libraries according to user wishes.

If you really do not want to be included in the list, please contact us at info@opacapp.net and we will remove your library with the next update. (Although this never happened before.)

What is your privacy policy?

We take privacy very seriously. We mostly solve the problem by not collecting any data at all: The app builds up a connection directly between the user’s device and the library’s server, without any connection to us.

Sure! If you want to use our logo, we prepared a few graphics at en.opacapp.net/promo/.

How many of our users use the app?

We can’t tell you, because we just don’t know. We know the total number of downloads of our app, but we do not track which libraries our users use.

Hovever, you can track it by yourself: Ask your network administrator to monitor your OPAC for the HTTP user agent “OpacApp/VERSION”.

Library questions (plus edition)

How much is the Plus Edition?

This highly depends on the size of your library and the desired features. Please contact us at quotation@opacapp.net and our partner subkom GmbH will get in touch with you.

Is the iPhone app identical to the Android app?

No, and this is on purpose. Android and iOS are very different environments, both in technical and design terms. Our apps aim to natively integrate in those ecosystems to make using them as intuitive as possible. For this reason, the two apps are not copies of each other, but independent pieces of software by specialized developers. They are, however, the product of constant communication and consist of very similar functions.

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