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We'd be honoured to provide the Web Opac App for your library as well, so your users can access the catalogue and their accounts from wherever they are.

For libraries

In response to multiple requests, we now offer a Plus Edition of our app, which not only contains additional features but is also available for Apple iOS devices. Furthermore, the Plus Edition is branded with your library’s logo and colors and is available in the app stores as a single-purpose app for your library.

We are open to implement additional wishes, just contact us!

The Plus Edition is being sold by our partner, subkom GmbH.

Community Edition Plus Edition
Operating systems Android (native) Android (native)
Apple iOS (native)
Others (HTML5 web app)
Compatible ILS/OPACs Bibliotheca (not OPEN)
BiBer Bibdia
Fleischmann iOPAC
See details
(Web Opac ≥ 2.5, OPEN on request)
BiBer Bibdia

more available on request

Catalogue search
Account features
Library information Your library website Beautiful and cut into shape
E-book rental support
Search filters (“Facets”) for supported OPAC systems
News feed, Calendar on request
New acquisition list
Delivery Entry in the list of the „Web Opac App Custom App in the app stores with your logo and design
Example Android · Example iOS
Developer Raphael Michel
and contributors
Raphael Michel (Android)

subkom GmbH (iOS und Web)

Price free on application
Send request Request quotation
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