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This free Android app allows convenient access to the catalogue and member accounts of more than 1,000 public and scientific libraries, directly from your smartphone or tablet.


  • Search the library’s catalogue
  • Watchlist for books
  • Search by ISBN using a barcode scanner

And in most libraries:

  • View of lent media (also with multiple accounts)
  • Renewing of lent books and cancellation of reservations
  • Reservation of books
  • Notifications when books need to be returned
  • General information about the library (e.g. opening hours)

Thanks to our wonderful community, the app is no longer only available in German, but in a growing number of languages. If you’d like to help us with the translation process, head over to Transifex. Thank you!

While library have online catalogues for years now, most of them are exhausting to use on a mobile device, as they are rarely designed for small displays and touch interaction. Our app provides a beautiful interface, natively integrated into the Android mobile operating system.

With a focus on an intuitive user interface, the Web Opac App is around since June 2012. Started for German, Austrian and Swiss libraries, it is now available for the international community. While the app is free to use and the source code is released as an open source project, we offer a branded versions including additional features and a similar app for iPhones to interested libraries. More details

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